Speaking of Loud Voices, Perfect Picture Book Friday looks at Loud Lula.

Perfect Picture Book Friday (PPBF) Looks at Loud Lula by Katy S. Duffield, illustrated by Mike Boldt. But first, a little story from my past that ties into this book.

Back in my college days, I called home once a week to talk to my parents and catch up with my favorite aunt who sent me care packages my friends drooled over. Tante Helen sent such delights as dangly earrings, painted jeans, and fresh baked cookies. Once, she sent a purple, suede jacket with fringe under the sleeves. (It was the late 80’s, and I was a hip art major.) I also called home to talk to my Uncle Joe. Now, Uncle Joe had a slight hearing problem at 80 years and wouldn’t admit he needed a hearing aid because, and I quote, “Those #*%@ things are for old folks!” So, when he came on the phone, I had to yell.


“Yeah, yeah, it’s cold here. Any colder and I’ll have to double up my long underwear!”

“I DIDN’T MEAN THE WEATHER, UNCLE JOE, (which happened to be unseasonable warm for May) I WAS ASKING ABOUT YOUR COLD. HOW IS IT?”

“How is it? I told you how it is! You young kids never listen. It’s COLD here!”

After years of calling home, I developed, aside from laryngitis, a tendency to talk LOUD for the remainder of the day after yelling to Uncle Joe. Most of my friends noticed.


“Fine. How’s your uncle, Leslie?”


Many years passed. My dear Uncle Joe made it to the ripe age of 90, and shortly after losing him, my loud voice left, too.

This brief story from my college years brings me to today’s Perfect Picture Book Friday review, LOUD LULA by Katy S. Duffield.

Title – Loud Lula

Written by  – Katy S. Duffield

and illustrated by – Mike Boldt

Published by – Two Lions – 2015

Suitable for ages – 3-8

Theme – Sometimes, what appears to be a problem can turn out to be a blessing.

Opening –  Lula was born smack-dab in the middle of one of the biggest twisters Pryor County had ever seen. Winds howled. Trees snapped. It was bust-your-eardrums loud. But…

Amazon Review –  View it HERE.  Since her birth, Lula’s LOUD voice has wreaked ten kinds of havoc across Pryor County, disrupting humans and animals alike. Lula’s parents are worried: What’s going to happen when Lula starts school? Will Lula ever learn to use her “inside voice”? But when Lula spots something sinister making its way toward town, it seems that she may have found just the right use for that BIG ol’ voice after all. With a text chock-full of Southern charm and silly digital illustrations that bring this tall tale to life, kids will giggle at the antics of the unforgettable LOUD Lula.

Why do I like this book? Katy S. Duffield has a gift for using better than perfect words to tell this story. Sure twisters are loud. In fact, they’re seriously loud. But to help readers understand the volume difference between the roar of the twister and Lula’s loud voice, she writes that the storm sounded like nothing more than a chicken feather hitting the henhouse floor. In addition to enjoying this truly funny, tall tale, I was drawn to Mike Boldt’s, colorful and bold illustrations. Mr. Boldt not only shows the story in a humorous way, he cranks it up a few notches. Seriously, if you’re looking for a picture book to tickle your funny bone, or as Lula says, “Got any books that’ll turn over my tickle box? read Loud Lula.
Learn more about Katy s. Duffield HERE.
Learn more about Mike Boldt HERE.

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  1. Oo – this post gave me an idea for a story I am revising! Happy PPBF and thanks!

  2. I love that opening line! Sorry to say my library doesn’t have this yet, but I’ll be on the lookout. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Great opening line. It really sets the theme. I have a daughter who could have benefited from this book as a child — she had a hearing impairment, wore hearing aids and spoke very loudly, but always with laughter in her voice. Will have to read this story.

    Enjoyed your story about your uncle. Perfect lead in.

    • I love including personal stories with my book reviews, I’m glad you liked this one. The interesting thing about this book is that Lula retains her loud voice from the first page to the last. I figured she’d learn to speak quietly, but was surprised by the perfect twist ending. I hope you enjoy this book.

  4. I guess this would be a modern tall tale. Does everyone have a loud child? You must at lead know one. We always blamed the REO Speedwagon concert en utero. This really is a fun book!!

    • Yes, this is a fun book. The first time I read it, I was soooo reminded of my college years. I don’t know if everyone has a loud child. My daughter can compete with Loud Lula at times, but that’s only when her favorite songs come on the radio. Then… Look out!!!

  5. Fun post Leslie. I remember my Great-Grandmother sitting inches away from the television, with the sound so loud you could sit on the top stair and hear it comfortably. I also just rode an elevator with a child whose “indoor” voice would have been heard for two blocks. Fun book. Thanks for highlighting it.

  6. Leslie, Loud Lula sounds hilarious! What a fun story as we’re all cooped up with wintry weather & dealing with less-than inside voices.

  7. Hilarious story and fun illustrations. I also loved your personal story to lead the review. I think we all have an Uncle Joe. 😉 Excellent post.

    • Sounds like you have an Uncle Joe in your life, too. After my uncle passed away, his brother, my darling dad, took his place. And like Uncle Joe, my dad believed hearing aids were for old people. He used to pop his out, throw them on the floor, and aim for them with his wheelchair. And, once again, I found myself yelling to be heard. (Louder than Lula…)

  8. I definitely want to read this! It reminds me of one of my students…

  9. I love your family anecdote, it totally set up your review for this FUN picture book. As a librarian it is fun (sometimes) to see kids who just can’t talk quietly.

  10. I love Mike Boldt’s work. Anything he does is terrific. Loud Lulu was on my list, but with the business of 2016 I forget about her. Thanks for the reminder. It’s time I read this little charmer.

  11. What a cool book! Love the story about your uncle too. Thanks for following my blog.

  12. My pleasure, Darlene! I’m glad you liked my “uncle story”. I always try to tie in a little something personal with all of my book reviews. It makes writing these posts twice as much fun.

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